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Milwaukee County recognizes October 18, 2014 as 23rd anniversary of Azerbaijan`s independence

AzerbaijanProclamationMilqaukeeMilwaukee County, the State of Wisconsin, the USA has adopted an Executive Proclamation recognizing October 18, 2014 as the 23rd Anniversary of the Independence of The Republic of Azerbaijan.
Signed by Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive, the Proclamation says Azerbaijan regained its independence on October 18, 1991 after 70 years as a part of the Soviet Union. “The people of Azerbaijan adopted a democratic form of government and chose to take their place in the international community,” the Proclamation says.
It also says Azerbaijan boasts an impressive and beautiful landscape, including the Caucasus mountains, Caspian Sea and Yanar Dag.
“The remarkable blend of cultures in Azerbaijan illustrates its diverse origins, and the country is renowned for its preservation of ancient architecture, folk dance, musical traditions, and literature,” the Proclamation says.


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