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May 28 declared “Azerbaijan’s National Day” in New Mexico

aj-lgflag28 May 2014 has been declared “Azerbaijan’s National Day” within the whole territory of the State of New Mexico according to a declaration signed by current governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez.

Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles told APA that the governor’s declaration says on 28 May 1918, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic and secular republic in the Muslim World, was established and this state was recognized by other democratic states as well as the United States.

It is noted that the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, despite it didn’t last too long, had been the first state which gave all citizens the right of voting, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, or religion and gave women alongside men equal political rights in the Islamic World: “During the last two decades since restoring its independence, Azerbaijan has managed to strengthen its sovereignty and independence and turned out to be a strategic partner and powerful ally of the U.S. in the very important Caspian region”.

In the end, stressing millions of Azerbaijanis around the world celebrate 28 May as a nation day every year, the governor declared this date Azerbaijan’s National Day within the whole territory of New Mexico and called upon all the state residents to celebrate this day.

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