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Ambassador Elin Suleymanov attends discussions on Azerbaijan in Chicago

Elin SuleymanovAzerTAc.

Azerbaijani ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov has attended discussions on Azerbaijan held in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Jewish Community Relations Council and American Jewish Committee`s Chicago Committee.
Suleymanov made a presentation about Azerbaijan in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, which is one of the ancient and famous centers in the US for international relations.
Introducing the ambassador, Niamh King, vice president of programs at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, spoke of Azerbaijan`s achievements in last year, saying the country became a leader in the region thanks to its consecutive and systematic policy.
The ambassador gave broad information on Azerbaijan`s statehood history, its accomplishments in economic and foreign policy, as well as Azerbaijan-related regional and global large-scale energy projects.
The diplomat said those projects not only gave an impulse to economic development and wellbeing of Azerbaijan, but the entire region.
Suleymanov said his country enjoyed a favorable climate for foreign investments, and that reached concrete achievements to involve investors.
The ambassador pointed out that Azerbaijan was interested in expanding regional integration, noting Armenia`s aggression policy impedes this process and stable future in the South Caucasus.
The event was attended by public and political figures of Chicago, businessmen, and heads of diplomatic corps.
Dan Mariaschin, Executive Vice President of B’nai B’rith, which has long worked closely with Suleymanov and Azerbaijan, introduced the ambassador and later said that the American Jewish community has long seen the country as a potential friend in the Middle East, as it was one of few safe havens for Soviet Jews.
“Looking at a region in which Israel could have normal relations with secular Islamic countries to improve the climate of relationships and acceptance in that part of the world … there’s no question that Azerbaijan was at the center of that objective,” Mariaschin said. He described the country as “a tolerant”, saying representatives of various minorities live in peace and friendship in Azerbaijan for a long time.
Mariaschin thanked Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for continuing a course of tolerance and open society initiated by national leader Heydar Aliyev.
Suleymanov said Azerbaijan stands as a friend of the United States and a friend of Israel in a very difficult neighborhood.
Azerbaijan has supported a longstanding Jewish community, today numbering about 20,000. Suleymanov said that Ashkenazi Jews live in major urban centers such as the capital, Baku, and a Sephardic community has existed in Guba since before record.
Suleymanov also told of the Azerbaijani government`s policy to promote national, ethnic and religious many-colouredness in the country. The diplomat noted that Azerbaijan had hosted numerous international conferences and forums on culture and tolerance.

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