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Delegation of Johns Hopkins University visits Azerbaijan University of Languages

Dr. Philip Terrence Hopmann, Director at Conflict Management Department of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and Dr. I. William Zartman, Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies met with students and the staff of the Azerbaijani University of Languages in Baku. The meeting was organized by the Center of Strategic Studies.
Rector of the University, Prof. Samad Seyidov briefed the guests on the activity of the University and the American Center. It was said that the American Center’s mission is to educate the Azerbaijan public about the United States of America and to increase mutual understanding between the United States of America and Azerbaijan. It consists of a library that also serves as a venue for conversation groups, presentations, exhibitions, lectures, movie nights and receptions.
The American Center has an open-access collection of about 4000 titles in English, Azerbaijani and Russian. It contains 235 specialized reference resources, such as bi-lingual dictionaries, guidebooks, encyclopaedias, almanacs and maps. The American Center offers books in the following subject areas: American Studies, languages and rhetoric; history, geography, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics; applied sciences, computer science, literature, art, philosophy, psychology; and religion.
The American Center provides research and reference support on virtually all aspects of U.S. policy, with an emphasis on foreign relations, media, social, economic and political issues, the rule of law, legislative developments, and current affairs.
The guests were also informed that the research activity of the University is supported by numerous laboratories and research centers such as the Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics, the Laboratory of Lexicography, a Linguistic Center, a German Reading Room, French, Italian and Korean cultural centers, Middle East and Israeli Research Center, Center for Scandinavian Studies, Center for Azerbaijani Studies, UNESCO Translation Department and Sociological Research Center.

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