Governor of Pennsylvania State congratulates Azerbaijani community on Novruz holiday

Governor of the U.S. Pennsylvania State Tom Wolf has made a proclamation congratulating Azerbaijani community of the country on the occasion of Novruz holiday.

The Governor said: “The Azerbaijani community is an integral part of Pennsylvania and it has contributed greatly to our diversity by sharing its history, heritage and time-honored traditions.”

“The musical, performance and culinary traditions of Novruz Bayram commemorate ancient customs, and the participation of younger generations ensures that these wonderful traditions will continue for many years to come,” he noted.


The Year in Review – Biggest Stories and Highlights of the last 12 months

Azeri America 2014: The Year in Review – Biggest Stories and Highlights of the last 12 months

The end of the year is the perfect time to see what some of our most popular articles and look back at the biggest stories and highlights of the last 12 months.

January 2014

Washington, DC

U.S. Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus’s members reach 60 

State Senate and House of Representatives of Arizona adopted a resolution dedicated to Azerbaijan



New York State Senator issued a proclamation recognizing the 24th anniversary of Black January in Azerbaijan


John Kerry congratulates Ilham Aliyev on “Shah Deniz -2”

Secretary Kerry

February 2014


Azerbaijani flag raised in front of Arkansas Capitol Building

Arkansas Senate adopts resolution on Azerbaijan


The U.S. State of New Mexico’s senate adopted a resolution dedicated to Azerbaijan

March 2014


The resolution issued by the Hawaiian legislative body on March 28 emphasized that Karabakh region is an internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan.

Number of U.S. Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus members reaches 63

The Khari Bulbul flower, the symbol of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region, was presented in the United States.


Indiana State recognizes the Khojaly genocide

U.S. Congressman issues statement on 22nd anniversary of Khojaly genocide

April 2014


Oklahoma Senate passes resolution on strategic partnership between U.S. and Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani wine and brandy products presented in U.S.

Number of U.S. Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus members reaches 65

State of Mississippi adopts resolution supporting strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and U.S.

A joint project by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the charitable organization Save a Child’s Heart was presented in Washington.

May 2014


Capital city of the U.S. state of Arizona has declared 28 May 2014 as “Day of Azerbaijan Republic.”

May 28 declared “Azerbaijan’s National Day” in New Mexico

Investment opportunities in Azerbaijan presented in Canada

June 2014


President Ilham Aliyev received a US delegation led by the Senator and the Congressman

Azerbaijani Armed Forces Day marked in Washington


Baku marked one-year countdown to the inaugural European Games, to be held on June 2015

Azerbaijan’s new envoy to UN presents credentials to Secretary-General


July 2014


The U.S. Congress passed in its second reading a bill which proposes the president to expand military cooperation with Azerbaijan

USACC Organizes a Briefing on Azerbaijan’s Technology Industry

August 2014


National Geographic launched in Azerbaijani language

Baku 2015 European Games marks 300 days until Opening Ceremony with key facts and figures

Academician Jalal Aliyev elected honorary member of editorial staff of US Plant Physiology and Biochemistry journal

September 2014


Azerbaijan Airlines first direct flight to New York

20th Anniversary of “Contract of the Century” Celebrated in Washington, DC


Los Angeles celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Contract of the Century

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Southern Gas Corridor


The first Azerbaijani Film Festival in Montreal

October 2014


Azerbaijan among top 20 countries for starting business

US citizens traveling by the New York – Baku direct flight on AZAL are eligible to obtain Azerbaijani visa upon arrival at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku


Milwaukee County recognizes October 18, 2014 as 23rd anniversary of Azerbaijan`s independence

The famous San Diego Ballet and Grossmont Symphony Orchestra performed the historic Azerbaijani ballet “Seven Beauties”

November 2014


U.S. backs Trans-Caspian gas pipeline project

Sabail, Brooklyn sign protocol on friendship and cooperation


Azerbaijan claim 3 golds at World Powerlifting Championships in USA

December 2014


Azerbaijani composer nominated for Grammy

Senate confirmed the nomination of Robert F. Cekuta as the next U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan


Pennsylvania General Assembly recognizes Khojaly Massacre

News from AzerTAc

The General Assembly of the U.S. State of Pennsylvania has adopted a resolution recognizing the Khojaly Massacre. The resolution No. 171 was introduced by Members of the House of Representatives Thomas Murt (prime sponsor), Vanessa Lowery Brown, Thomas Caltagirone, Mark Cohen, Gordon Denlinger, Mauree Gingrich, Tim Hennessey, Dick Hess, William Kortz, Nicholas Micozzie, David Millard, Harry Readshaw, and Curtis Sonney.
The resolution says February 26, 2013, marks the 21st anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre in Azerbaijan, adding the observance of this tragic date inspires reflection by individuals across the globe.
The resolution says that on February 25 and 26, 1992, Armenian armed forces, accompanied by military troops of the former Soviet Union, attacked and occupied the besieged town of Khojaly as part of the armed aggression and ethnic cleansing that had been taking place in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan since 1988.
It notes that when the residents of the town attempted to flee the area, they were fired on by the Armenian and Soviet troops, resulting in the largest massacre of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
“It is estimated that 613 civilians were killed, 150 civilians went missing, 487 civilians were wounded and 1,270 civilians were taken hostage. The massacre was reported by major news organizations and has been viewed by the Human Rights Watch/Helsinki organization as a violation of customary law
regarding the treatment of civilians in war zones. This tragic event is a sobering reminder of the terrible carnage that can be inflicted in wartime and the enduring need for greater understanding, communication and tolerance among people,” the resolution emphasizes.
The resolution also praises the role of the U.S. Azeris Network in promoting the awareness of the Khojaly Massacre in the United States.
“The U.S. Azeris Network coordinates with Azerbaijani-American communities to educate others about important events in the history of Azerbaijan. The U.S. Azeris Network plays a pivotal role in preserving the memory of this terrible tragedy and through its efforts, the legacy of those who died will never be forgotten.”
The Members of the House of Representatives resolved that the copies of the resolution “be transmitted to the United States Department of State, the United States embassy in Azerbaijan and to each member of Congress from Pennsylvania”.
Pennsylvania became the 11th U.S. State to recognize the Khojaly Massacre after Massachusetts, Texas, Maine, New Jersey, Georgia, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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