Azerbaijan Airlines New Campaign Due to Novruz Holiday – Baku – New York Baku


Azerbaijan Airlines ,AZAL, announced the launch of a new campaign due to Novruz holiday.

During the national spring holiday Novruz, discounts will be applied to air tickets on a number of destinations.

The campaign is applied to the following destinations (the full cost of the air ticket, including taxes and fees):

Baku – New York – Baku – 599 EUR

Baku – Milan – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Paris – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Prague – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Berlin – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Dubai – Baku – 199 EUR

Air ticket sales period within the campaign: March 16-31, 2017

Flights period: April 1– May 6, 2017

The number of air tickets on discounts is limited.

Air tickets can be booked on the website of the company, purchased at AZAL sales offices and official sales agencies.

Warm and Colorful New Year Holiday Festival has opened in Baku Icherisheher 

Baku 2011 - 081New Year Bazaar “Winter Castle” is organized near the Gosha Gala Gates by the Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve Icherisheher and supported by Kapital Bank.

New Year Bazaar will delight Baku citizens and its guests until January 10.

New Year Bazaar is a fair, where you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, shopping of a variety of products, books, hot snacks, sweets and even hot wine.

The fair is open every day from 12:00, and from 19:00 to 21:00 visitors will enjoy the concert program.

Entertainment includes not only the animation for kids on the weekends, but also fantastic deals. Travel agency DunyaTour offers visitors a unique opportunity to win a trip for two abroad.

Thus, each buyer, making a purchase worth more than 20 manats, receives a voucher. On January 10, at lottery drawing, he or she can be a winner and get a free trip to Istanbul.

But, that’s not all. Winner of the best selfie #gishgalasiselfie gets dinner for two at one of the restaurants of the Old City.

And the one, who writes the best and most original letter to Santa Claus, will receive a free dinner in the Fortress for the whole family. The competition will continue until December 30. The letter should be dipped in a glass box of the GAMMA tent.


The Embassy of Azerbaijan took part in the International Travel and Tourism Show in Montreal, Canada

azerbaijancanadaturism2016Montreal International Tourism and Travel Show

The Embassy of Azerbaijan took part in the International Travel and Tourism Show in Montreal, Canada on Oct 21-23rd, 2016. Over the course of the event, the Embassy was supported by the Association of Quebec Azerbaijanis, especially Mr. Masud Aliyev, Ms. Rena Muslumova, Ms. Esmira Shirmammadova, and Ms. Aylin Abbasi. Attendees at the event showed great interest in Azerbaijan’s tourism potential and hundreds of promotional materials had been distributed. The Embassy would especially like to thank Mr. Masud Aliyev, Mrs. Rena Muslumova, Mrs. Esmira Shirmammadova and Ms. Aylin Abbasi for their hard work and dedication.

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Canada

Gabala – one of the most breathtaking spots in Azerbaijan


GabalaAre you in search of a cool, evergreen place to rest? Then I got a perfect suggestion for you – Gabala city.

Gabala, which is located about 225 km away from the capital city of Azerbaijan, is a perfect place for rest and tourism. The weather here is mild in spring and autumn, hot in summer and cold in winter. In addition to marvelous weather, Gabala suggests gorgeous historical monuments, which emerge all around the city and its vicinity.

The city during six centuries served as the capital of the ancient state of Caucasian Albania. Archeological investigations give an evidence that Gabala functioned as the capital of Albania as early as 4th century BC. The ruins of the ancient town are situated in 15 km south-west of the modern site of Gabala, in the village of Chukhur Gabala on the territory between Garachay and Jourluchay rivers. Here you can find the ancient walls and towers.

The fact that Gabala was located in the middle of the 2,500-year-old Silk Road turned the city in a popular and important hub between Europe and Asia. That’s why Gabala has been always desired by many foreign rulers.

Thus, in the 60s BC, Roman troops attacked Caucasian Albania, but did not succeed in capturing the Qabala territory due to the mightiness of that ancient state of Azerbaijan. Gabala then was occupied by Shirvanshah Fariburz, King David IV of Georgia in 1120, Mongol khan Timurleng in 1386, Safavid shah Tahmasib I in 1538, Persian Nader Shah in 1734, but despite all the captures, this ancient city was able to preserve its culture and identity.

Due to its historical importance, Gabala preserved a number of fascinating landmarks. The most outstanding of them are an old tower of defense purposes (9-11th centuries), a mosque of the 13th century, Imam Baba mausoleum (18-19th centuries), Juma mosque and, surely, Historical Ethnography Museum that involves thousands of historical artifacts of the city.

By the way, a stunning news came recently from an ancient settlement Galayeri in Gabala. Thousands of artifacts made of clay, stones, metal, and bones have been found at the site, which has a history dating back to the first half of the 4th millennium BC.

Another interesting fact has been the discovery of an ancient catacomb at the site, which dates back to the same period when the site was first settled – some 6,000 years ago. So, it is more ancient than any other catacomb found in Europe and the Caucasus! Moreover, archaeologists also discovered a human skeleton buried with more than a hundred jewelries and 30 potteries in the Dizakhli village of Gabala.

Just like in past, today Gabala is a magnet for international and local events. It can be said that the city is the second popular destination of Azerbaijan after capital Baku. Numerous meetings of politicians and summits are held in this wonderful city. In 2013, Gabala was declared the Cultural Capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States, in recognition of its long contribution to the history of Azerbaijan and the region. And today Gabala justifies its high title.

If you are a music lover, you should come to Gabala – in recent years the city has become the music capital of Azerbaijan. Annual International Music Festival – the festival of classical music is held here every summer starting from 2009, where musicians perform in the open air. Its participants are musicians from Europe, the U.S., Israel, as well as musicians from republics of the former USSR. Additionally, the contest of young pianists, jazz and mugham evenings are held in the framework of the musical festival.

Since 2013, Gabala annually hosts International Jam Festivals. And it is not too late to get in the festival of current year, which will be held in Gabala on August 27. Masters from Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, Ghana, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, confectioners from 26 regions of Azerbaijan will gather together to demonstrate their abilities and share yummies with people.

Given all these activities and events, Gabala is considered a highly popular tourist destination. Additionally, Gabala is rich in nature, with thick forests and mountain landscapes, noble deer, wild boars, hares, bears, wolves, foxes and numerous birds.

Currently, everything possible is made in the city for the sake of coming tourists. Many hotels, including world hotel chains were put up in Gabala. The city contains an ice skating rink and a Greek-style theatre, built especially for outside concerts. Tourist can make shopping in several modern shopping malls constructed within the city. Additionally, Gabala is home to Tufan Ski Complex, one of the biggest ski resorts throughout the whole Caucasus, which serves up to 3,000 ski lovers a day.

Moreover, the largest entertainment park under the open sky in Azerbaijan – Gabaland is located at the area of 16 hectares in Gabala. Visitors are provided with extreme kinds of attractions, ice arena, carting, sports fields, theatre, convenient parking, great food in restaurants and cafes.

In short, modern Gabala manages to combine both ancient greatness and modern development, and it can be said that Gabala is one of the most vivid examples of cities of contrasts, which are so loved by tourists.

Baku Heads Forbes Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Velvet Season


You think that could not enjoy the sun this summer, and it is too late to do this. But, it does not relevant to Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, which delights people with its sunlight until late September.

Popular Russian hotel search service and presented TOP 10 resort cities and islands to relax in the velvet season.

Baku headed the list, earning its place of honor among the cities thanks to its beaches, unique beauty and mixture of cultures.

According to the service, for about $800 one can spend an unforgettable week in sunny Baku.

The recreation budget for two people, included airfare from Moscow to Baku and back, and a week stay in a cheap hotel (3-star hotel and above) in the resort. We are taken into account the average prices in September.

A week for two in Baku in September will cost $370, and the flight from Moscow to Baku and back will be about $432.

In Azerbaijan, sunny weather persists until the end of September, and one can enjoy swimming and sun tanning in the warm Caspian Sea.

Visiting the capital of this rapidly developing country, any tourist will be satisfied with vacation, since Baku has been able to preserve the heritage of antiquity and at the same time took the image of a modern metropolis.

Among the historical monuments of the city it’s required to visit the local acropolis Icherishehir,  the pearl of Azerbaijani architecture Shirvanshahs Palace and the accumulation of petroglyphs with the age of about 10,000 years — Gobustan.

The main attraction of modern Baku is steel futuristic skyscrapers — Flame Towers, which are visible from any point of the city.

At any time of year it is possible to visit Azerbaijan. Nine of the eleven climate zones that exist in our planet allow the country to welcome visitors all year round. But each of the seasons, of course, has its own unique colors and features. Which of them will bring you more pleasure can be found only through personal acquaintance with amazingly beautiful nature, the Caspian coast, ancient history and cultural traditions of Azerbaijan.

In September the weather varied depending on the city and regions of the country. In this month the weather in Azerbaijan is just perfect, which will allow you to savor fully your vacations: the sun is guaranteed, rainfall is scarce and the humidity is bearable. It is therefore the ideal month to go to this city.

Azerbaijan, a unique land in the Caucasus, has appeared not so long ago on the world’s tourism map. Tourism is among the government’s priorities for the development of its non-oil sector. Azerbaijan makes everything possible to use its natural advantages to develop the tourism sector of the country, implementing various projects and programs for attracting tourists to the Land of Fire.

Today, there are about 570 accommodation facilities and 300 travel agencies in Azerbaijan. The prices for hotels and hostels became even more attractive for the foreign visitors due to the devaluation of the national currency in 2015. The provided accommodation establishments are of any price range, starting from just $6-7 per night in hostel and $25 in hotels.

By Amina Nazarli



ASAN Visa system to improve work on developing tourism in Azerbaijan

The launch of the ASAN Visa system in the near future will improve the work on developing tourism in Azerbaijan, as foreign citizens will be able to get visas in three days at the latest, said the country’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev.

Garayev made the remarks during a meeting with representatives of French companies in Baku.

He noted that the tourism industry s one of the priority areas of Azerbaijan’s economy and great progress has been made in this sphere in recent years.

“Rich culture and history, hospitality of our country open great opportunities for developing tourism in Azerbaijan,” said the minister. “The work in this sphere continues, Azerbaijan takes important steps to attract more tourists and simplifies the visa procedures.”

Garayev pointed out that currently, citizens of a number of countries can get visas right at the airport.

Moreover, the citizens of other countries can visit Azerbaijan by getting online tourist visas, he added.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on June 1 signed a decree on simplification of e-visas issuance procedure and the creation of the ASAN Visa system.

The decree was signed in order to simplify procedure for issuing visas to foreigners and stateless persons arriving in Azerbaijan, as well as creation of an e-visa system ensuring transparency and efficiency with the use of modern information technologies.


The Azerbaijani government plans to apply Tax Free system for the incoming visitors

Baku 2011 - 115 - Copy (2)The Azerbaijani government plans to apply Tax Free system for the incoming visitors taking into account the rise in tourist flow to the country. The testing of the system has already been launched.

“Relevant documents have been submitted for approval, and currently this system is in the test mode,” the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes told Trend on June 17.

To use the Tax Free system in Azerbaijan, the value of goods purchased at one electronic invoice shall not be less than 300 manats ($200) including the value added tax (VAT).

The goods should be exported from the country within 90 days of the date of purchase. VAT payment is returned back only in this back.

The VAT rate for all goods is set at 18 percent in Azerbaijan. Thus, 20 percent of VAT amount will be deducted as the payment for services, and the other 80 percent will be refunded to the applicant.

To benefit the Tax Free service it is necessary to shop Tax-Free goods at specific Tax Free shops. Then, passport is to be produced for filling an electronic tax invoice. The signed and stamped tax invoice will include the amount of the paid VAT and its last return date.

When leaving the country, a visitor should present to airport customs his electronic tax invoice together with passport.

In the end, the custom’s tax invoice should be presented to an authorized bank. The refund can be made both in cash and non-cash (after 10 days) way.

Overall, approximately 52,000 people benefit each day from Tax Free shopping around the world. Tax Free shopping services are available from more than 320,000 stores in 52 countries worldwide.


The 7th Silk Way International Music Festival will take place in Azerbaijan’s Sheki region

ShekiAzerbaijanThe 7th Silk Way International Music Festival will take place in Azerbaijan’s Sheki region, the 2016 Cultural Capital of the Turkic World on June 28, Trend Life reported.

The festival, which is being supported by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, will run until July 4.

Last year, the festival kicked was also hosted by Sheki. The concert program featured the performance of musicians from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Japan and Poland.

Holding such a grand music festival, which has become a wonderful tradition, in Sheki, is not by mere chance. For centuries this beautiful city, which is located along the route of the ancient Silk Road, was an important center of art and commerce.

Today Sheki is a unique place that has preserved the culture of urban planning inherent to medieval towns.

Rare historical and architectural monuments of the city – caravanserais, mosques, minarets, walls, bridges, etc. – indicate the ancient architectural style of Sheki.

By Laman Ismayilova


Azerbaijan’s capital Baku will become a paradise for sport fans

Explore Azerbaijan

This month Azerbaijan’s capital Baku will become a paradise for sport fans, since the country has scheduled several major international sporting events.

Russian famous tourist service included Baku in Top 3 most popular cities to visit sporting events in May for Russian tourists.

The “City of Winds” Baku going to host Tour d`Azerbaijan, was placed second following Moscow, which will host Ice Hockey World Championship and leaving behind Barcelona to host Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe.

The UCI 2.1 five-day Tour d’Azerbaidjan stage race held from May 4 to 8 will involve 21 teams from 19 countries. Tour d’Azerbaidjan 2016 will be the fifth edition of the event, which started in 2012 as the Heydar Aliyev Anniversary Tour (U23) and in 2012 – the tour became an annual event, later being transformed into Tour d’Azerbaidjan.

The international tour will again take the peloton on a trip across Azerbaijan – from the Caspian shores to the Caucasus Mountains. The race will be held across Baku, Sumgayit, Absheron, Ismayilli, Gabala, Mingachevir and Sheki.

Recently, Baku once again proved that the city is one of the leading sports capitals, by holding Baku Marathon-2016, which brought together 7,000 runners to overcome a 21km distance.

To date, such marathons have been held in London, Paris, Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul and other cities and by hosting the event Baku stood on a par with these cities.

Up to now, Azerbaijan has successfully hosted over 300 international sports events, including European and world championships, which increased the international Olympic family`s confidence in the country.

This summer Baku will host one of the world’s richest forms of motorsport to be held on the streets of the country’s booming capital Baku for the first time. Scheduled for June 17-19 the Baku City Circuit will be the second longest F1 track on the calendar, with a length slightly over six kilometers as an anti-clockwise layout.

By Amina Nazarli


Sheki to stage splendor festivals throughout the year

ShekiAzerbaijanSheki to stage splendor festivals throughout the year.

Azerbaijan’s ancient and beautiful city of Sheki, which was honored to be the capital of the Turkic World in 2016, will hold a number of events in conjunction with the event.

The solemn opening ceremony is scheduled for April 28 in the “Yuxari Bash” State Historical-Architectural Reserve — near the Gala walls.

The event will be accompanied with Eastern Bazaar, interesting exhibitions and colorful fairs.

The ceremony will see folk and music collectives and craftsman, who will demonstrate their talents and traditions of the city to the Turkish world.

Sheki is the fifth city chosen as the capital of TURKSOY under one of the successful projects in the selection of Turkic world capital that has been started since 2012.

TURKSOY, which is considered UNESCO of Turkic World, has been operating for more than 20 years in order to create friendship and fraternal relations between the Turkish nations, as well as to deliver the common Turkic culture to the future generation.

Located on the picturesque hillsides of the Caucasus Mountains in the background of snowy peaks, Sheki is one of the country’s main tourist destinations, hosting more than 100,000 tourists every year.

The city is a real natural wonder with its beautiful landscapes, mineral water springs, forests and rivers.

For centuries this ancient city has long been a famous silk center and an important stop on the Great Silk Route. Caravanserais, mosques, minarets, houses, walls, bridges and architecture talk about the antiquity of Sheki.

Beautiful Sheki can also be called the architectural reserve of the country, since the city has 84 historical and cultural monuments. Archaeological findings suggest that the city might be one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus. Pieces dating 2,500 years were unearthed here.

Modern Sheki was actually rebuilt in 1772 after the city was destroyed by mud streams – River Kish. Annually, Sheki becomes a place for international and local festivals which attract many people.

The city can boast many historical and architectural places of interest, but its pride is the ancient majestic royal palace of Sheki Khans erected in the 18th century without a single nail with magnificent wall paintings and tracery windows in the stone citadel.

Being a major center of crafts, has many shops, where, one can buy jewels and engravings by local craftsmen.

By Amina Nazarli