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The Azerbaijan cuisine belongs to one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. It is widely known among other oriental cuisines and some of its dishes were included in the menu of international cuisines and has got its own originality and national colour specified by cooking techniques, flavor and traditions of the Azerbaijan feasts.

The cuisine of Azerbaijan is one of the ancient, rich and delicious cuisines in the world. The harmonic unity of culture, history, philosophy, table psychology, traditions aspects of the cuisine. It has many well-known middle-eastern dishes as well as exclusive Azerbaijani foods.

The main factor influencing formation of and development of the cuisine is the climate. The territory of Azerbaijan Republic is under the influence of 8 climate zones that causes variety and richness of flora and fauna of the region and form favorable conditions for life and development of all animals and plants. This is the main factor of rich cuisine. Another important factor influencing the cuisine is historical-geographical location of the people and relations with neighboring people.

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