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Armenian Armed Forces continue violating ceasefire

Armenian military units have shelled an ambulance, which was evacuating Azerbaijani civilians injured as a result of another ceasefire violation in the Agdere-Goranboy direction.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported that the ambulance has suffered from serious damages, but fortunately, no one has been hurt during the firing.

Such incident committed by Armenians is a blatant violation of international law norms and principles, the ministry added.

Earlier, the country’s Foreign Ministry reported that as a result of systematic, deliberate and targeted attacks launched by Armenians on civilian population, 32 settlements, 6 civilians, among them 2 children below 16 years, were killed and 26 civilians were seriously wounded.

“Substantial damages were inflicted upon private and public property, including civilian critical infrastructure,” the ministry said. “232 private houses, 99 electricity poles, 3 electrical substations, kilometers of water and gas pipelines were destroyed. Guided missile attacks were directed on social facilities, including schools, hospitals, and places of worship. Instruction had to be suspended in 28 of the damaged schools. One mosque was hit during prayer with high-caliber artillery shells.”

As a result of those deliberate attacks, a large number of civilians have been deprived of their basic rights to life, health, property, education, communication, and practicing their religion, according to the Ministry.

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