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Novruz Celebrations in USA and Canada – 2016 (Updated)



Baltimore, Maryland – March 20 – Novruz Celebration in Maryland at Kavkaz Kebab

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Brooklyn, New York – March 19 – Novruz Bayrami Celebration Party in New York Hosted by Azerbaijani- American Women Association of New York and Azerbaijan House in New York.

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Ottawa, Canada – March 15 – Novruz Celebration in Ottawa Hosted by The Embassy of Azerbaijan to Canada and the Ottawa Karabakh Azerbaijani Language School

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Brooklyn, New York – March 18 – Novruz Bayrami Celebration in New York

Baku Palace Restaurants in Brooklyn, NY

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Houston, Texas – March 19 and 20 – Hosted by Azerbaijanian American Cultural Alliance 

Mar 19 at 11 AM to Mar 20 at 8 PM

Houston Raindrop Turkish House.

9301 W Bellfort St, Houston, Texas 77031

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Edmonton, Canada – March 19 – Azerbaijani Novruz Bayrami Celebration Party.

Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Edmonton (AzCSE) and Azerbaijani Cultural Student Association of U of A (AzCSA) will host another memorable Azerbaijani Novruz Bayrami Celebration to welcome Spring on March 19, 2016.

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San Jose, California – March 20 –  Novruz Concert in California.

Sunday, March 20th at 5pm, a great concert is planned to celebrate the beginning of Spring. 

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Toronto, Canada – March 25 – Azerbaijani Multicultural Novruz Celebration hosted by Toronto Azerbaijaini Dance Class

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2 Comments on Novruz Celebrations in USA and Canada – 2016 (Updated)

  1. tohfa Eminova // March 8, 2016 at 3:14 pm // Reply

    Salam, what about Florida?
    Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association ( AACA) in Florida celebrate Novruz Bayram, in March 19,2016.

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