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The Bridge of friendship between Baku and New York

New York to showcase Azerbaijani artist’s works.

“Azerbaijani house” in New York will host a solo exhibition of the prominent painter, talented graphic designer Ismayil Mammadov on November 24.

The exhibition titled “The Bridge of friendship between Baku and New York” will feature the art works which depict Baku and its Icherisheher (Old City) and New York.

Brown, red and ginger colors are the shades that the artist likes to use in his works. Unlike some artists who remain faithful to their style, Mammadov can create pictures in different directions.

Monotyping, a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface is another kind of his art. His first art work in this style was made in 1996, when it was rare to find paints and the artist used them very carefully.

“When one draws on a canvas, a lot of paintings are left at on a palette in the end. I was very sorry for them, as they were dried next day. And then I decided to try to make a monotyping print,” he said, commenting on his works.

Having mastered computer graphics, he drew four maps with architectural objects including “Baku – the center with a bird’s-eye view of the Millennium,” “Icherisheher – let’s save our heritage,” “Absheron – the land of fire and wind” and “Azerbaijan during the centuries and today.”

Last few years, Mammadov is living in both hemispheres, spending his time both in Baku and New York.



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