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Intel Security and McAfee solutions are set to enter Azerbaijani market

Intel Security and McAfee solutions are set to enter Azerbaijani market, according to a message from the BAKOTECH international group of companies.

BAKOTECH Group is a flagship in Value Added IT Distribution, operating in over 20 countries.

BAKOTECH became an official distributor of Intel Security in Azerbaijan according to an agreement signed between Intel Security and Value-added IT Distribution – a purveyor of information security and IT-infrastructure services.

The agreement covers the entire corporate product line for Intel Security, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses.

Intel’s Security product line includes tools for protecting mobile devices, workstations, servers and cloud technologies, networks, web and email traffic, data, risk management, and compliance with information security standards.

In local markets, BAKOTECH operates through a partner network that includes over 1,000 active dealers.

Moreover, as a value-added distributor, the group provide a wide range of services such as pre and post-sale support, trainings for partners and end-customers, PoC and PoV services, solutions consulting, implementation support, technical support, as well as PR and marketing.

Earlier, Intel Company expressed its readiness to work in Azerbaijan, using the resources of its global partners network including companies like Asus, HP, Dell and other.

Today, Azerbaijan is one of the leading countries implementing high technologies in the region. The country is confidently striving to enter the world’s ICT race.

As Azerbaijan has begun to development its ICT sector, which is now reaching new summits, the strengthening of the cyber security has become more significant.

In Azerbaijan, the fight against cybercrime is a matter of national security. In order to combat cybercrime more effectively, Azerbaijan signed the Cybercrime Convention of the Council of Europe in 2008. Certain points have also been added to the Criminal Code on cyber crime.

Moreover, the cyber security center, created in 2013, protects users from online threats, malware cyber-attacks, and other adversities.



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