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Event dedicated to the business environment and investment opportunities of Azerbaijan held in Washington

Elin SuleymanovAn event on the business environment and investment opportunities of Azerbaijan was held by the non-profit organization “Diplomacy Matters Institute”, with the support of US Delegation of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), on December 9, in Washington.Officials of US departments of State and Commerce, representatives of the Washington diplomatic corps, academic community and local companies attended the event.Ambassador Elin Suleymanov spoke off economic successes, large-scale projects, favorable business and investment climate in Azerbaijan. Diversification of the economy, as well development of non-oil sector is one of the main priorities in the country. $ 150 billion was invested in the country’s economy in the last decade; strategic currency reserves exceeded $ 50 billion, more than 1 million new jobs were created, made a tremendous effort on the development of entrepreneurship.Mr. Suleymanov noted that Azerbaijan was included in the list of space states, became the initiator and participant in regional projects in the field of ICT.He also stressed the main role of Azerbaijan in increasing opportunities of Europe’s energy security and the region’s transit potential.Following the event, promotional materials developed by AzPROMO on the economy of Azerbaijan were distributed, the products manufactured in the country and exported to the US market has been demonstrated.


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